Yoga by the Ocean - Element Water

Yoga by the Ocean & the Element Water


Yoga is based on the five elements. In our Yoga practice we are able to use the healing power of the nature. With the elements earth, water, fire, air, and ether – our bodies are in unity with the the beauty of nature.

The ocean gives a special connection to the second element – the element water. Water – the power of life. Rain, Rivers, Waterfalls and especially the vast Ocean.

Sea water is powerful and healing in many ways. Rich on the minerals: calcium, potassium and magnesium – it reduces stress, relaxes tension in the body and spiritually is able to clean our Aura. Sea water cleans, sea water heals – physically and mentally.

The sound of the ocean

The sound of the ocean already can tune our mind into a meditative state. Yoga by the ocean allows us to deepen this mindfulness. This connection allows us to move freely and to flow with the rhythm of the ocean to connect our three bodies: body, mind & soul.

In the Eastern Wisdom about our Energetic Body linked to our chakras the element water is linked to the second Chakra: Svadhisthana Chakra.

Water is about allowing ourselves to go with the flow, to allow our feminine side, to enjoy, to allow creativity. While focusing our practice on our second Chakra we follow the purpose is to let go and create flow.


The affirmations connected with a deep connection of our breath, connected with the sound of the ocean. Focus on allowing yourself to release with every exhalation. Tune into the following affirmations, linked to the element water:


‘I give myself permission to feel the fullness of my feeling in any given moment’


‘I am open for new beginnings’


‘I release, I let go, I go with the flow’


VAM – which means release and clean with the element water


Ready to enjoy Yoga by the Ocean with us?

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