Check out some of Surf and Yoga Canggu’s Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not answered here, feel free to email us at hello@surfnyogaportugal.com !

The lesson time is usually fixed the night before, making it easier for the planning. The timing depends on the best surf conditions for your level

Usually for the Level 1 surfers, we use the soft tops for the first days, before we can call yourself an advanced beginner and the instructor decides for you the hard tops. For level 2 sand above, there is a range of hard tops which we can select from.

  • If you’re having your first go at surfing or have had a lesson or two in the past, we will start from the basics. The basics include introduction to the surf board, the surfing spot, a warm up, a dry session on the beach explaining the basics of the pop up and safety techniques, and then going to catch the first waves.
  • We are lucky to be located ______ where we have access to a range of surf spots. All spots on the coast work with different swell and wind directions. That’s why you will get to know the exact location for your next surf experience one day in advance. This also depends on your surfing level and experience.
  • Your instructor brings you to the surf spot which brings the best conditions. After an effective warm up, your surf coach will teach you and help you to improve your techniques. After a couple of hours enjoying the surf, you’ll head back to camp. 
  • You definitely have a special connection with your own board, therefore if it’s convenient for you, we suggest that you bring your own board. There is storage space! 

It’s simple. We have delicious breakfast and dinner menus that have vegan and vegetarian options. Ceylon tea and coffee and fresh juice are complementary. Breakfast is included in all packages and any room booking as well.

Your wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend/child is very welcome to come along as a non surfing partner and a discount is available too. Non surfers can still enjoy all the other aspects of the package like massages, city tour, etc. If they prefer they can simply relax, unwind and enjoy the beach, and delicious food. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Surfing is a fantastic family holiday activity and having kids for your surf lessons is always a lot of fun. We do have an age limit for surfing guests though; they need to be a minimum of 6 years old and accompanied by at least one participating adult. Children who require their own room are charged at adult rate.

It’s advisable that all of our guests purchase adequate medical and travel insurance that covers adventure sports such as surfing.

We are following the guidelines set by Portuguese government for accommodation sector. For a list of measures we take at Surf & Yoga, please send us a message.

We have a payment on arrival policy in the time of Covid-19. Therefore, this is much hassle free for our customers.

Portugal is one of the most consistent places to surf in the world. Our west coast picks up most swells, which means that during the winter months, it gets big sometimes. That’s the perfect season for advanced surfers. From mid-May to October, temperatures are warmer and the waves smaller, but there will always be a spot on for every level.

Simply put, we stick to an upper limit of 1: 5 Instructors to Students ratio. Also it’s important to note that we do not mix ability levels, therefore you will feel more comfortable with your instructions.

We have an in house photographer who can take photos of you from the land, drone, and water. You can buy these professional photos from him. Videos taken for surf analysis will be shared with you free of charge.

It’s nice and warm in Sri Lanka so all you need is a rash guard and a pair of board shorts/ bikini. We will provide you with a rash guard if you don’t have your own. Don’t forget sunscreen too, It can be difficult to find these items locally, especially 40+.

This is not a must, but an advantage to feel confident in the water, and maximise your progress and enjoyment.

No cancellations are allowed, only in case of serious illness or injury. If you let us know in advance (minimum 10 days) we can refund the deposit or re-schedule your lessons.

We provide the equipment (surfboard and wetsuit). You only need to bring a beach towel, swimwear, sunscreen and we recommend to keep a bottle of water with you. Please avoid high valuable belongings (expensive cameras, laptops, etc.), even if you come with your own car or rental car.

Whether you’ve been surfing for some time or it is your first time, we manage to prepare different surf groups according to each student level. We cover 3 different surf levels; beginners, intermediates and advanced. According to this we offer different types of boards with different sizes and materials, soft and epoxy/fiber boards starting from 5’11 up to 9’0.

We always recommend our students to have a minimum of 5 lessons if they want to have a proper surf experience. For an intense surf learning the ”Surf Intense Package”  in our Surf Camp would be the best option, with 2 x 2h surf lessons a day!

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