Portugal’s wild
coast secret

Portugal Secret Spots

Ericeira, Sagres, Lisbon..  Name these towns, and they will make any surfer’s heart beat. However, have you ever thought of stepping on the side of these crowded cities ? To consider an uncrowded and pristine part of Portugal ?

This is why we chose to open our Surf & Yoga retreats chapter in Costa Vicentina.

Far from the busy international town, we wanted to create a safe place where you can surf, practice yoga and disconnect to reconnect.

This untouched surfer enclave between Alentejo and the Algarve, is protected by strict environmental laws. It makes it the perfect place to enjoy trekking (like the secret one starting in our garden), an ocean walk, or discovering the natural reserves. Luckily, this coast is still protected from big malls and development and has kept its traditional Portuguese vibe.

This coastline, one of the best preserved and most stunning in Portugal and even in Europe, offers a field of exploration open to the ocean and respectful of the natural and human environment. From hiking along the trails to discovering side roads inland, you will find your happiness on this wildest and least explored coast. 

 This spread coast has wide and wild beaches with dunes and cliffs where you can observe big Atlantic waves breaking.

If you share the same adventurous spirit as us, be sure to love the activities and landscapes of this part of Portugal.

Few surf breaks are known in the Costa Vicentina… But the best-known meeting point for seasoned surfers is Arrifana Beach; they come from all over to challenge the waves. Those who are curious about surfing and bodyboarding also have their place there, as do those who just want to nap, read, or contemplate the landscape.

Rota Vicentina

With all those great beaches and breathtaking landscapes, it isn’t surprising that Portugal’s best long-distance hiking trail is located on this coast.

The Rota Vicentina is an extensive network of trails, some of which are located inland, but the best follow the coastline, known as the Fishermen’s Trail. There is also numerous public transportation options along this route. Thus, it is possible to pop in and hike small sections of the trail. 

Moreover, a lot of the coastal road can be done by bike. Most towns and villages along the way have at least one bike rental shop where you can rent a bike and enjoy the trails slightly inland that are perfect for everyone because they are mainly flat. 

Walking and biking are great, but if you want to stay in the spirit of watersports, Costa Vicentina is also known to be  a superb place for both wind and kite surfing.

After reading this characteristic of the Costa Vicentina, you probably understand why we chose this location for our Surf & Yoga camp. Join the adventure and come to discover this wonderful and preserved landscape. Whether it is for surfing, hiking, or just resting and practicing yoga, this coast has something magical to be experienced.

Pictures © Theresa Sophia Jänker

Ready to explore Portugal’s Coastline with us?

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