Our Energetic Body - our Chakras

By  Theresa Jänker


Yoga and Meditation is energy work. It is important to understand and connect with this energy within us. Our Energetic Body teaches us a lot about our physical and mental body. While moving, while shaking, while meditation – we can connect with our inner self and our deepest desires and emotions – OUR INTERNAL ENERGY.

The Energetic Body is based on 6 main Chakras – Energetic Centers along our spinal cord – coming all together in our highest energy point: our crown. Every Chakra has its physical and mental connection, those energetic points are linked to an element, a sense. To connect we can chant the specific sound – a Mantra.


We start with our roots: Mooldahara
The first chakra is physically based around our pelvic area. We can define it broader as the area of our lower body. It is our center of stability, of personal security. It allows us to connect with our roots, to seek towards a deeper connection with mother earth. It is connected with the element earth, our sense of smell, and the Mantra Lam.


We are traveling further towards: Svadhisthana
The second charkra – also called sacral or tailbone chakra is physically the area around our hips and tailbone – the lower belly. Our Karma and past experiences are stored here. We find a deep connection to our unconscious mind. Like 70% of the beautiful planet and 60% of our bodies the Sacral Chakra is linked with the element water, connected with touch & taste, and the Mantra Vam.


Third Chakra: Manipura
It is our inner fire, our inner sun – based around our navel. This is our center of vitality and energy. Our power to reach anything we want to reach. It leads us towards inner balance – and helps us to hold balance: in a physical and mental manner. Power comes from fire – therefore it is linked to the element fire, the sense of sight, and the Mantra RAM – to allow to break the routine.



We are coming towards our emotions: Anahata
Our heart Chakra. Our Unbroken. Our Heartbeat is our personal sound of the universe. Anahata gives us a deep connection with our internal world of feelings and emotions. The element of the fourth chakra is air – allowing us to be free & open. The sense is hearing and we can chant the Mantra YAM combined with Breathing Exercises to connect with Anahata.

Speaking the truth in Vishuddi
Our throat chakra. Our center of right understanding, allowing ourselves to speak open about thoughts, worries and feeelings. Connected with the element ether, our sense of hearing and the Mantra NAM. We can combine movements of our Neck area to remove blockages in Vishuddi.

Coming to the last energetic point: Ajna
Our third eye. Our intuition. Ajna brings and shows us our inner light and allows us to keep this light shining. Ajna connects with the element of light, the sixth sense and the Mantra AUM – oftentimes used for opening and closing Yoga practices to connect with this intuition.


All those energetic points – our Chakras lead towards Sahasrara, our crown. Our most important energy point. Here matter and energy merge into pure consciousness, in a state of bliss. This point roots one into happiness.

There is not only one way to connect and to remove blockages and to find this way towards bliss and happiness. Various techniques allow us to connect more, to heal more, to be more.

Ready for Yoga based on your energetic body?

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